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About Me:
After studying Physiology and Psychology at the University of Western Ontario, I started graduate studies at McMaster University in the Behavioural Neurosciences program where I am currently a PhD Candidate.  I live in Buffalo, NY and spend my spare time keeping up with my husband and two young children (ages 4 and 2).

Research Interests:
My current research involves understanding the physiological basis of the characteristic symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder (OCD).  Our studies involve human participants both with and without OCD, and aim to better understand the components of the nervous system that contribute to the detection and response to potential threats in the environment that may be dysfunctional in patients who exhibit OCD symptoms. 

Recent Publications:

Hinds et al.: When too much is not enough: obsessive-compulsive disorder as a pathology of stopping, rather than starting.  PLoS One 2012, 7(1):e30586.

Hinds, et al.: The psychology of potential threat: properties of the security motivation system.  Biological Psychology 2010, 85(2): 331-337.

hindsal (at) mcmaster.ca